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Math is Everywhere: A Cross-Curricular Road Map

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While math is typically taught “in isolation” within the classroom, it can be integrated into other content areas like literacy, science, and writing. Think about it. Math is something we encounter and utilize every single day in the real world. A cross-curricular approach to math helps students develop a better understanding math as it appears in and relates to everyday life. When math is incorporated into subjects like literacy and science, it encourages students to think more profoundly about the concepts and ensure they are prepared to solve problems and explain their reasoning.

Our Presenter: Brittany Goerig

Join Brittany Goerig, co-creator of Daily Math Fluency, for a free workshop to explore the research behind a cross-curricular approach to math and how it benefits learners. Don’t miss a chance to discover practical tips and strategies for implementing math across all subjects!

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