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Featured Solutions for Texas

TEKS Resource System Curriculum Kits

hand2mind is proud to provide math manipulative kits that support the TEKS Resource System Curriculum.  Math manipulatives have been selected and bundled into kits that suporrt grades K-8, Algebra 1, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Math Models.  All kits can be purchased as is or can be customized based on your unique needs.

Shop Pre-made Kits

Custom Solutions

Hands-on math, science, and literacy resources to address your student's unique needs.


Let us do the work! We will:

  • Consult with you to choose the best components.
  • Source all the components at the lowest possible price.
  • Provide you with a detailed quote that outlines the components, packaging, and delivery timeframe.
  • Assemble everything to your exact specifications-for individual or classroom use.
  • Ship your kits on time and on budget.

Texas Schools who have created their own kits:

Dallas ISD

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Pasadena ISD

New Caney ISD

Killeen ISD

Klein ISD

San Antonio ISD

Denton ISD

See what our Texas customers are saying about their custom experience

“Wow! The process used by hand2mind to create customized kits of mathematics manipulatives for the 20,000+ students in our district was phenomenal! From the efforts to draft a plan with the resources available for each grade level’s toolkit to the efforts to create a plan that worked within our district’s budget to the efforts to deliver the toolkits in a timely manner … all were facilitated with great customer service and supported the unique needs of our district and our mathematicians!” 

Janet Nuzzie – Pasadena ISD District Instructional Specialist, K-4 Mathematics

"Hand2Mind worked so well with our district to build custom kits to meet our needs.  They took our wishlist and made it happen!! There was not one thing missing and the process was so easy and amazing!!!"                               

Teresa Brent -  New Caney ISD, Elementary Math/Science Specialist 

“We are so fortunate in Dallas ISD to have hand2mind as a partner as we support our Kindergarten teachers with literacy in the classroom.  The custom kit that they prepared for us to give to our Kindergarten teachers across the district will ensure that they have the materials that they need to successfully implement Guided Reading and Literacy Stations in the classroom.  These kits directly reinforced the skills and strategies that our teachers have learned in the Texas HB3 Reading Academies this year.” 

Jennifer Burchfiel – Dallas ISD Director of Instructional Strategy 

“We are so fortunate in Dallas ISD to have hand2mind as a partner as we support our PreK students with math at home.  For the last several years, we have provided our PreK students with Take Home Math Manipulative kits that hand2mind customized for our students in Dallas ISD.  Now students can have wonderful experiences at home to build their math muscle all while having fun too!” 

Jennifer Burchfiel – Dallas ISD Director of Instructional Strategy

“Our district purchased Hand2Mind’s custom kits for all of the students in our Pre-K program.   These reasonably priced kits were invaluable for keeping our littlest learners engaged and safe throughout the school year. Our Pre-K teachers were able to ensure that their lessons were developmentally appropriate without concerns associated with having to share manipulatives among their learners.” 

Tamara Majors – Grand Prairie ISD Elementary Math & Science Facilitator

“We are looking forward to continuing with custom kits for our Pre-K classrooms for the 21-22 school year. Each teacher has received a kit that supports daily numeracy AND professional development that will expand their understanding of foundational mathematics skills and walk them through how to get started with their kits.” 

Tamara Majors – Grand Prairie ISD Elementary Math & Science Facilitator

See More Texas Resources

Enhance existing math curriculum and deepen students understanding with hands-on resources that support all students at every level.

Spanish Support Available 

Math Fluency Intervention

Hands-On Standards®

Spanish Support Available 

Spanish Support Available 

Spanish Support Available 

Spanish Support Available 

Develop a strong foundation in literacy with a wide variety of solutions that are easy to implement in the classroom and meet the needs of students at all levels.

Integrate STEM into your curriculum using real-world activities that teach STEM principles through hands-on discovery.

Supplement your Pre-K curriculum with hands-on developmentally appropriate resources.

Hands-On Standards®

Hands-On Standards Mini lessons cover for prek, texas landing pageHands-On Standards Mini lessons cover for prek, texas landing page

Spanish Support Available

Spanish Support Available

Coding Critters®

Help your students learn to label, identify, and manage their emotions.

Learn About Feelings Activity Set

See My Feelings Mirror

Mindful Maze Set

Sensory Fidget Tubes

Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart

Let's Talk! Cubes

Meet your Texas dedicated Educational Sales Consultants

Contact us to learn more about how hand2mind's educational solutions.  Let us help you make learning hands-on, engaging, and accessible to all.

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