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Engage students in open-ended exploration with these fully loaded makerspace solutions.

Foster creativity and innovation with engineering concepts using our new Makerspace Carts. They’re an affordable, fully loaded, turnkey makerspace solution for classrooms, STEM labs, and libraries.

  • Include standards-aligned task cards written by teachers (NGSS-aligned).
  • Explore a variety of engineering and STEM concepts to meet unique learning styles.
  • Offer every student the opportunity for open-ended exploration.

How it Works

Easy Setup

Materials come ready to put away! Each drawer has a prepped bag of materials to ensure optimal organization and that everything fits.

Open-ended Exploration

Students are not limited in what they can create. A variety of tools, crafting materials, and building materials allows for limitless innovation.


Activities are aligned to NGSS standards and created to explore a variety of STEM and Engineering Design concepts.

Engineering Design Process

Students are encouraged to apply STEM skills to solve everyday problems by using the Engineering Design Process.

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STEM Lab Makerspace Cart

Grades K–8

Complete Cart Includes

  • Sturdy aluminum frame cart with countertop and dry erase whiteboard
  • Rotating tool turntable tray with 8 removable plastic bins
  • 3 deep storage bins
  • 12 storage drawers
  • Materials and supplies
  • 72 Getting Started Task Cards
  • Teacher’s Guide with suggested assessments

Getting Started Guide & Materials

Classroom Makerspace Cart

Grades K–5

Complete Cart Includes

  • Plastic cart with 9 storage drawers
  • Materials and supplies
  • 36 Getting Started
    Task Cards
  • Teacher’s Guide with suggested assessments

Getting Started Guide & Materials

Components & Configurations


Colorful carts keep materials organized and wheels allow for
space-saving flexibility.


An array of
grade-appropriate tools
and materials fills
each cart for students to experiment with.

Task Cards

Spark student thinking with life-like suggestions. Add depth to designs with “Think Bigger” challenges.

Teacher Guide

Create a successful maker experience with helpful tips and blackline masters.


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