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Make It! Take It!

Science Kits


Build It, Test It, Take it Home!

Complete a phenomenon-based science lesson in 30 minutes!

Encourage your students to figure out the world around them.

Easily introduce your students to up to 10 different scientific phenomena. Then, give them the opportunity to notice, wonder, and investigate each phenomenon together! By integrating core science ideas into lessons, students are able to retain what they learn by understanding and experiencing the why behind the science.

Incorporate the 5E Model into Your Instruction

The 5E Model of Instruction is a common pedagogical approach taken in science. It is a student-centered approach that helps students construct an understanding of a concept before encountering an explanation. The essence of the 5E Model is present in the steps of the Make It! Take It! phenomena lessons. At the same time, students are also developing their sense-making of a key crosscutting concept through carefully written phenomena stories, investigation activities, and questions.

Make It! Take It! Lesson 5E Model
Explore the Phenomenon Engage/Explore
Investigate the Phenomenon Explore/Explain
Reach Consensus Explain/Evaluate
Take It Extension Elaborate

Make It! Take It! lessons walk you through the 5E Model.

Explore the Phenomenon

Estimated time: 5 minutes

  • Show a real-life image and read a story describing the phenomenon.
  • Facilitate class discussions. Encourage students to share what they notice.

Investigate the Phenomenon

Estimated time: 25 minutes

  • Build–Students use the provided materials and instructions to build their very own models.
  • Test–Each student becomes an Engineer and learns that making something once may not work as planned.
  • Record–The recording sheet allows students to write or draw their observations of the tests.

Reach Consensus


  • After their observations, students can discuss what worked and what didn't.
  • Introduce key scientific vocabulary students can use to explain the reasoning behind their observations.
  • Encourage students to take their creations home to continue testing!

Make It! Take It! Science Kits Cover 3 Science Domains

Physical Science

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Wrecking Ball



3rd Grade – 5th Grade



Wave Box


Earth Science

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Erosion Jar


3rd Grade – 5th Grade



Life Science

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Butterfly Pollinator

Crab Claw


3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Turtle Shell



Make It! Take It! Kits Are Ready When You Are!

  • Enough materials for 30 students to complete the activity
  • No copying necessary! 30 student instruction and recording sheets are provided
  • Easy, step-by-step photo instructions for students to follow
  • Guided reflection questions
  • Writing prompts
  • Extension ideas for students to test more at home
  • Spanish language student pages available online!


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