Supplemental STEM Instruction

Integrate STEM into your curriculum using real-world activities that teach STEM principles through hands-on discovery.

STEM in Action®

Supplemental STEM in action coding and mineral challenge kitSupplemental STEM in action coding and mineral challenge kit

STEM in Action engages students in authentic, problem-based STEM lessons with real-world applications. This program puts the engineering design process at the heart of exploration—teaching the value of rethinking and supporting multiple solutions.

STEM Bins®

Supplemental STEM Bins Supplemental STEM Bins

STEM Bins encourage students to create, invent, and solve problems using real-world challenges. This teacher-developed program includes an illustrated guide with questions and prompts for quick implementation into individual and group classroom settings.

Makerspace Carts

Supplemental STEM Makerspace cart kitsSupplemental STEM Makerspace cart kits

Foster creativity and innovation with engineering concepts using our Makerspace Carts. They’re an affordable, fully loaded, turnkey makerspace solution for classrooms, STEM labs, and libraries.