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Teaching Math with Manipulatives

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Confidently teach math with manipulatives to build problem-solving skills!

Introducing the NEW Hands-On Standards Solution
Now available for grades PreK–2
(Grades 3-8 coming in January 2022)
Hands-On Standards is designed to deepen understanding of key math concepts using manipulatives and scaffolded lessons to seamlessly transition from the concrete to the abstract.
  • NEW Mini-Lesson Format! Embedded differentiation and
    EL support.
  • NEW Problem Solving Routine! A progressing series of problem types focused around key grade-level skills.
  • NEW Manipulatives Added! New manipulatives like the NumberLine™ Clock help students master rigorous standards.
  • NEW Student Pages! Student pages aligned to lessons included online. (Available in Spanish)
  • NEW Intervention Lessons! 20 targeted lessons that match
    the mini-lesson format and include assessment and
    progress monitoring tools.
red head boy in a green shirt working with color tilesred head boy in a green shirt working with color tiles

Hands-On Standards reinforces key, grade-level math concepts and helps students deepen their understanding with hands-on manipulatives and activities.

Daily Problem Solving

What is it? A year-long daily routine focused on problem solving and critical thinking skills. Each week students solve a progressing series of problem types aligned to key math skills. Includes
180 double-sided cards, 36 videos, and correlating student pages.

Why it works: Develops problem-solving skills that allow students to successfully solve and understand multistep problems in any situation.

daily problem solving task cardsdaily problem solving task cards

Math Mini-Lessons

What is it? Supplemental 15-30 minute, hands-on lessons that easily incorporate the use of manipulatives.  Includes embedded support, formative assessment questions, and student pages for each lesson. 42 lessons per grade.

Why it works: Students build a deeper understanding of key math concepts by using manipulatives as they progress through
Concrete-Representational-Abstract lessons.

hands-on standards mini math lessons teacher guidehands-on standards mini math lessons teacher guide

Math Intervention

Number and Operations | Geometry, Measurement and Data

What is it? 20 targeted, scaffolded lessons that mirror the layout of the math mini-lessons and focus on the use of manipulatives. 
Includes unit assessments and progress monitoring.

Why it works: Teachers can easily reinforce concepts with lessons designed to deepen understanding and increase proficiency for students at any ability level.

hands-on standards math intervention cover for teacher guidehands-on standards math intervention cover for teacher guide

Learning at Home

What is it? 6 weeks of daily practice and games aligned to
grade-level concepts.  Includes an activity book with
embedded parent support and manipulatives.

Why it works: Hands-on activities engage learners in quality skills practice that reinforces key concepts and bridges the gap between school and home. Keep families engaged in learning!

hands-on standards learning at home kit with manipulatives and workbookhands-on standards learning at home kit with manipulatives and workbook

Hands-On Standards Sample 90-Minute Math Block





10–15 Minutes

Daily Problem Solving

Whole Group Mini-Lessons

20–30 Minutes

Math Mini-Lessons

Intervention & Centers

30–45 Minutes

Math Intervention:

Number & Operations

Geometry, Measurement & Data

Close & Reflect

5 Minutes



At-Home Learning




Family Engagement

15–30 Minutes

Learning at Home Math Kits


Hands-On Standards (Grades 3-8)

Target challenging
math standards with
lesson plans


Hands-on Standards focuses on the most challenging topics for students and uses manipulatives to help deepen their understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step, photo-illustrated guides reinforce teachers' content knowledge for ease of implementation in the classroom, enabling them to differentiate instruction in invervention, small group, and whole class situations.

Hands-on standards classic teacher guidesHands-on standards classic teacher guides

Available Components & Configurations

Hands-on standards classic grade 4 teacher guideHands-on standards classic grade 4 teacher guide

Hands-on Lessons

Hands-on activities that use manipulatives to drive genuine understanding of challenging mathematics concepts.

hands-on standards manipulative kithands-on standards manipulative kit

Small Group Kits

Available for each Hands-On Standards Teacher Guide (sold separately) with
enough materials for 4 students.

hands-on standards classic classroom kithands-on standards classic classroom kit

Classroom Kits

Kit includes a Teacher Guide as well as enough hands-on manipulatives
for up to 24 students.


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