Supplemental Hands-on Math Curriculum

Enhance existing math curriculum and deepen students' understanding with hands-on resources that support all students at every level.

Hands-On Standards®

Supplemental Math Teacher Guide coversSupplemental Math Teacher Guide covers

Hands-On Standards Teaching Math with Manipulatives is an easy-to-use supplemental math curriculum resource that helps integrate hands-on learning into all areas of the math block while deepening student understanding of key math concepts. Using manipulatives and scaffolded lessons, students learn how to construct their own cognitive models for abstract mathematical ideas and processes. 

Math Fluency

Supplemental Math daily math fluency kitSupplemental Math daily math fluency kit

Our Math Fluency products fill the fluency gap in today's math curriculum. They use Number Strings and Math Talks to develop efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy in your students' grasp of math facts. Daily Math Fluency activities help your students build number sense in 10 minutes a day.  Math Fluency Intervention provides targeted instruction that builds numeracy skills in struggling students.

Guided Math

Supplemental Math Guided Math KitSupplemental Math Guided Math Kit

This Guided Math program includes detailed lesson plans with activities that deepen student understanding of core math concepts.  Developed by Reagan Tunstall, this flexible framework encourages teachers to choose individual units that focus on a specific topic, or they can combine all units for a well-rounded supplemental math curriculum solution.

Differentiated Math Centers

Supplemental Math Differentiated Math Centers KitSupplemental Math Differentiated Math Centers Kit

Differentiated Math Centers includes activities and manipulatives that help students deepen their understanding of key math concepts. With three levels of content for each learning objective, these standards-based kits enable teachers to address a wide range of student needs. 

Math Tasks

Supplemental Math Kit for math tasks pattern blocksSupplemental Math Kit for math tasks pattern blocks

Math Tasks covers a comprehensive library of open-ended math tasks that use common manipulatives to apply deep conceptual understanding to real-life challenges. Each Teacher Guide focuses on a single manipulative and offers countless grade-appropriate ways to use them. Flexible activities can easily fit into your math curriculum. 


Supplemental Math VersaTiles Classroom Kit with casesSupplemental Math VersaTiles Classroom Kit with cases

VersaTiles Math uses purposeful practice to help students grasp all the necessary math skills and concepts for their grade.  With VersaTiles Math, you can address your students' math content gaps and be confident that no matter whether thery're working in small groups or at stations/centers, they can easily check and correct their work.