Supplemental Literacy Instruction

Develop a strong foundation in literacy with a wide variety of solutions that are easy-to-implement in the classroom and meet the needs of students at all levels.

Differentiated Literacy Centers

Differentiated Literacy Centers help students at every level develop key, grade-level literacy skills. These standards-based kits include activities and manipulatives that boost student engagement and interest through a hands-on learning experience. 

VersaTiles® Litearcy

With VersaTiles Literacy you can seamlessly integrate skills practice on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension into your reading routine. Students can independently go through the lessons, checking and correcting their work.

Reading Strategies Toolkits

Reading Strategies Toolkits help build conceptual understanding, fluency, and familiarity using 6 core reading strategies—Find and Follow, Blend Sounds and Syllables, Segment and Swap, Smooth and Speed, Define and Contextualize, and Read to Understand. The 20-minute lessons easily integrate with core curriculum while offering remediation and enrichment opportunities.

Close Reading Small Group Kits

Close Reading Small Group Kits teach students how to tackle complex text with a hands-on reading routine. These kits include the tools you need to model close reading strategies along with the text and hands-on resources your students need to develop a repeatable close reading program that helps them become critical, analytical readers.

Reading Construction Toolkits

Our Reading Construction Toolkits give visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners a variety of hands-on applications to build key comprehension skills and word work skills. Students are provided with a visual, concrete way to “build” each piece of the text as they comprehend and explain it, construct words, and explore phonetic patterns. Reproducible graphic organizers for each skill allow students to demonstrate their understanding by writing or drawing their responses.