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Teacher-facilitated mini-lessons encourage student participation.

During Whole Group instruction teachers can model and teach new concepts to students.  Throughout this time students with mixed abilities are able to discuss and explore together. Students who are struggling can learn from their peers who have mastered concepts and practice new strategies. Our solutions aid teachers with visual models and help facilitate rich tasks and open-ended instruction.  

Hands-On Standards® Math Mini-Lessons

Hands-On Standards Math
Mini-Lessons use manipulatives to help deepen student understanding of math concepts and build conceptual understanding through concrete, representational, and abstract progression. 

Math Tasks

Math Tasks uses open-ended tasks and manipulatives to apply deep conceptual understanding to real-life challenges and deepen math reasoning. Each Teacher Guide focuses on a single manipulative and offers countless ways to use them. 

Guided Math

Our Guided Math program includes detailed lesson plans with activities that deepen student understanding of core math concepts. Developed by Reagan Tunstall, whole group mini-lessons incorporate discussion, active learning, and conceptual understanding

Other Helpful Materials for Whole Group Instruction



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