Small Group Instruction

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Targeted instruction to meet your students needs.

During Small Group Instruction teachers are able to differentiate instruction and really make an impact on individual students. This focused time allows teachers to see and correct misunderstandings, allowing for students to understand concepts easier.

Math Small Group Solutions

Hands-On Standards® Math Mini-Lessons

Hands-On Standards Math Mini-Lessons uses manipulatives to help deepen student understanding of math concepts and build conceptual understanding through concrete, representational, and abstract progression

Guided Math

Our Guided Math program includes detailed lesson plans with activities that deepen student understanding of core math concepts.  Developed by Reagan Tunstall, small group lessons are short, focused, and have an emphasis on differentiation and conceptual understanding.

Literacy Small Group Solutions

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

An easy-to-use, research-based program designed to engage students as they master sound and spelling relationships and decoding strategies as they become fluent readers.

Reading Construction Toolkits

Reading Construction Toolkits give students hands-on comprehension and word work routines for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.  Students are provided with a visual, concreete way to "build" each piec of the text as they comprehend and explain it, build words, and explore phonetic patterns.


Other Helpful Materials for Small Groups

Dry Erase






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