Daily Routine

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Establish a daily routine and watch your students excel.

Set the stage for learning by implementing effective daily routines.  By creating predictable patterns in the day teachers can maximize time by doing a quick review or creating interest in a new topic. Our solutions offer a full years’ worth of daily practice that is easy to implement and can create consistency across classrooms.  

Hands-On Standards® Daily Problem Solving

Hands-on Standards Daily Problem Solving includes 180 word problems organized by skill.  Each skill addresses a particular mathematical context and includes several different types of problems. Then, each skill ends with students creating their own word problem

Daily Math Fluency

Daily Math Fluency activities are designed to enhance your current math curriculum and help your students build number sense in 10 minutes a day.  Includes 120 Number Strings and 60 Math Talks for a full year's worth of material.

Guided Math

Guided Math includes 180 days of standards-aligned instruction in 9 different units that focus on specif topics. Daily warm-ups feature short, engaging activities for an easy-to-implement daily routine.


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