STEM Bins Tips and Tricks

Getting Started with STEM Bins®

We're so happy you're interested in or have purchased STEM Bins! Here are some tips, tricks, and FAQ to help get started.

Note about assembling your kits

Sort materials into bins. Attach the appropriate STEM Bins Labels to the plastic bins using tape or hook and loop fasteners to adhere the labels to the tops of the bins. Make sure that the STEM Bins close easily.

Note about the labels

STEM Bins Labels (set of 16) make it easy to know what is inside each STEM Bin. With the STEM Bins Essential Kit, you will only use 12 of the 16 STEM Bins Labels.

Assembling your kits

  • Don't overstuff your STEM Bins. We've included some extra materials so you can refill them as needed!
  • Tip: When assembling the paper cup bin stack the cups in 2 towers to maximize the quantity in the bin.
  • Tip: The sturdy cardboard paper rolls can be difficult for students to cut. We recommend teachers pre-cut additional sizes, if needed, using a box cutter or serrated knife.

Note about upper-grades extentions

The Upper-Grades Task Cards are provided for use with students in third grade and up. They contain no photo cues and require students to respond in writing after completing the task using the provided templates. You may choose to open up additional construction tools for upper-grades students such as glue, tape, or other necessary school supplies as they create more elaborate structures. You may also choose to allow them to utilize more than one STEM Bin material in their creations. If you have additional construction materials on hand, allow students to incorporate them into their designs. You may want to create additional Task Cards.