Implementation Support and Product Training

Teacher helping a boy in a blue shirt with orange snap cubesTeacher helping a boy in a blue shirt with orange snap cubes

How to Get Started in the Classroom

We understand it can be overwhelming to incorporate new products
into your established curriculum. We are committed to working
by your side to show you how to use, implement, and teach
with any of our products you order.

What We Offer


One-on-one Assistance

from the same consultant every time, making it consistent and ensuring that information moves forward as you do. The more we work together, the more we can identify gaps and connect you with the most useful tools for your cirriculum.




Flexible Training

for your specific needs. Especially during this unprecedented time, we are happy to provide training in the way you are most comfortable.




Dedicated Webinars

just for your team, so everyone is on the same page. Whether it be school-wide or just your teachers from a specific grade, we will provide an inclusive webinar to get the team up to speed on the new tools they will use in their classroom.



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Top Training Videos

Getting Started with VersaTiles and How it Works

Using VersaTiles is easy! Keeping students on-task and engaged, while providing flexibility for personalized instruction and meaningful teaching.

Getting Started with Daily Math Fluency

Students need to be fluent in math to be capable and confident in completing it and hand2mind is committed to the success of all learners! Watch this video to learn more about how to effectively teach fluency with Number Strings and Math Talks using a variety of hands-on manipulatives!

Getting Started with Number Line Clock!

The Number Line Clock will change the way students learn to tell time! Watch to learn more about how to use the Number LIne Clock to easily transition your students from counting to telling time!

a teacher watching a webinar and taking notesa teacher watching a webinar and taking notes

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