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boy in a classroom in a blue striped shirt looking at the cameraboy in a classroom in a blue striped shirt looking at the camera

Ready When You Are

At hand2mind we specialize in working with learning institutions, so we know what it takes to properly prepare for the school year. Let us support you and your plans. We are committed to getting you the tools you need when you want them in the way you want them.

How We Do It

Get it when you want it,

so it’s in your hands right in time for the new school year. Make orders in advance and we will deliver it to you on the date that you request.

Get it the way you want.

With large orders, it can be time consuming to sort through everything and distribute it to your teachers. Let us organize your order for you by grade level or site so that you can quickly and efficiently deliver it to
the proper classrooms.

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See What People are Saying About Us:

"I am LOVING this resource as a teacher and a mother and have been sharing this with everyone I know!"

-Kristen Landes, First Grade Teacher Clymore Elementary School

"The website is really good with lots of simple,
easy-to-implement activities and printable manipulatives that cover the basics for each grade level. Has both on and offline activities for kids as well, I really like it!"

-Derek McDaniel, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

"There are many reasons I love hand2mind's Daily Math Fluency Kits, but one of my top reasons is the combination of Concrete-Representation-Abstract. The kits have my favorite manipulatives, but the guides included in the kits help teachers build the connections ... It's the perfect mix to help students build their fluency.”

-Christina Tandevold

"THANK YOU so much for providing lesson videos and activities for students. I love how simple, organized and interactive the lesson plans are. I was overwhelmed not knowing what I was going to send my students. I prayed and sure enough an ad for hand2mind loaded onto my Instagram about you guys. I am so glad I clicked on it. Again thank you so much for your help and helping teachers/parents on this new journey we have encountered to teach online and at home. I would still be lost, overwhelmed and extra stressed if it weren't for you guys. Thanks!"

-Mindy, Houston, TX

Girl and a woman on a green carpet reading a book with building blocks around themGirl and a woman on a green carpet reading a book with building blocks around them