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Requesting a quote is easy!  We offer 2 options to best support your needs

Option 1 (recommended)

This option allows you to easily edit quotes and reference previous quotes.  This will also result in the quickest turnaround.

Step 1

Log in (or register) for an account on  You must be registered as a school to request a quote.  This will help us give you the correct pricing and terms.

Step 2

Add items and requested quantities to your cart

Step 3

Click to view cart

Step 4

Click “request a quote.”  Once your quote is submitted our customer service team will send you a quote within 1 business day.

Option 2

This option may take slightly longer to process.  You do not need to be registered, simply fill out the form below and a customer service representative will reach out to you.  Please include item numbers and quantities in your request if you have them available.