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Rise to the Challenge: Design a Hands-On Approach to Summer Learning that Maximizes Student Success

Webinar Description

Are you planning your summer school curriculum or looking for resources to send home with your students for the break? This year summer school is more important than ever.  It’s a chance to catch up for lost time during the pandemic as well as minimize summer learning loss.  For some students that may mean attending summer school, while for others it may mean sending resources home to be completed over the summer.

Our Presenter: Kevin Dyekma

Join Kevin Dyekma, an 8th grade math teacher and speaker with over 25 years of experience, as he explores what districts are doing right now to mitigate learning loss and what you can do going forward to design and implement an effective after school or summer program to address learning loss! You’ll walk away with hands-on tools and resources that will enhance your program, foster student engagement, and maximize student success!

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