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Hands-On Tools for Mathematics: Stop Learning Loss in its Tracks and Propel Students Forward

Webinar Description

See it. Move it. Grasp it. This is what students need to do in order to conceptualize mathematics and make the connections that will lead to deeper understanding. Manipulatives are important tools that help young learners make sense of complex math ideas. They are critical in easily transitioning them from the concrete to the abstract through movement and touch. A hands-on, multisensory learning environment is one of the most effective ways to overcome learning loss and engage students and this is especially true in math. Our classrooms have been completely redefined in the Covid-19 era and continually keeping students engaged in hands-on learning is far more challenging given the various learning models we find ourselves in. But it’s not impossible.

Our Presenter: Ann Elise Record

Join Ann Elise Record, a math consultant specializing in hands-on learning, for a one-hour webinar to learn about hands-on strategies, tools, and resources that will stop learning loss in its tracks! Grades K-5

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