Mental health is extremely important to young malleable minds, especially after this past year.

That is why we've teamed up with the authors of Mirror Face, a children's picture book on self-love, in support of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Paired with our See My Feelings Mirror, children will learn key social-emotional skills through reading and practicing self-confidence techniques.

See My Feelings Mirror

Helps your children learn to label and identify their emotions.

Make learning and understanding feelings fun with 4 guided starter activities, easy-to-identify emojis, and 6 different snap-in-place emotion slides. Mirror is made from shatterproof glass to ensure safety.

Mirror Face 

by Jordan Gillman and Michael Tyler

"A first of its kind book which teaches children that the truth of who they are can only be seen when looking at the mirror in their hearts."

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SELF LEADER Guide for Home

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Teach Self-Love Through Mirrors

By Jordan Gillman

Childhood can be a challenging course for anyone to navigate. No matter how excellent your guidance may be from loving parents and well-intentioned teachers, there is seldom an easy and straight path to self-love. This was also true for me.  

Growing up, I oftentimes found myself in front of a mirror, staring at an image reflecting the doubts and concerns I had about what other people thought and would think about me. Well into adolescence, I continued this daily ritual of mirror gazing, hoping to see a face that would reflect a celebration of who I was looking at, rather than an ongoing concern about what other people saw. This continued on into my early adulthood...

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