Support differentiation in math instruction allowing for all students to grow in the same math class

By shifting instructional models to a workshop model, teachers can foster student thinking and encourage deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Through small-group instruction time and meaningful practice in centers students learn to be creative and reason about mathematics and see themselves as mathematicians.

The hand2mind workshop solution provides everything needed for:

  • Warm-up activities allow students to review previously learned concepts.
  • Focus lessons share general information about the current unit with the entire class.
  • Teacher-led small-groups focus on differentiation and emphasize conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, or problem solving.
  • Differentiated centers provide essential practice for students of all levels as they participate in game-like activities with peers.
  • Student reflection connects past knowledge with new mathematical understanding.

Math Workshop Solution

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Warm-up, Focus Lesson, Small-Group, and Reflection

This Guided Math program includes detailed lesson plans with activities that deepen student understanding of core math concepts. Developed by Reagan Tunstall, this flexible framework encourages teachers to choose individual units that focus on a specific topic, or they can combine all units for a well-rounded supplemental solution.

  • Fully prepped and easy-to-implement guided math solution.
  • Standards-aligned grade bundles provide 180 days of instruction.
  • Perfect for warm-up, whole group minilessons, and teacher-led small groups.
  • Digital downloads of student-facing materials available in Spanish.

Center Rotations

Differentiated Math Centers include activities and manipulatives that help students deepen their understanding of key math concepts. With three levels of content for each learning objective, these standards-based centers enable teachers to address a wide range of student needs.

  • Kits include 63 total activities with 3 levels of differentiated activities for each learning objective.
  • Easy-to-read activity cards and hands-on tools are stored in a clear, durable tote.
  • Ready-to-use, streamlined solution for centers and small groups.
  • Digital downloads of student-facing materials available in Spanish.

VersaTiles® helps students build math and literacy proficiency in a challenging, rewarding way. For over 40 years, teachers have relied on VersaTiles ® for independent practice and for use in small groups, rotations, centers, and stations..

  • Engaging, screen-free alternative to traditional skills practice.
  • Self-checking answer system creates a safe learning environment that increases student confidence.
  • Flexible, reliable, low-prep classroom solution.
  • Aligned to state and national standards.