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TEKS Resource System Curriculum

Mathematics should be demonstrated with essential manipulatives! TEKS Resource System has identified a list of math manipulatives that all mathematics classrooms at each grade level should have available. Make sure you have the hands-on materials that connect with the activities and lessons for grades K–8, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Math Models.

Our grade-level kits save you time and money.

  • Grade-Level Small Class Kit provides the hands-on materials your students need to help them acquire and demonstrate mathematical understanding. Kit is intended for a small classroom of 12–15 students.
  • Grade-Level Class Kit is perfect for supporting larger classrooms. Kit includes twice the amount of materials that are in the Small Class Kit.

We offer three convenient ways to order.

  • Order our prebuilt kits.
  • Select only those manipulatives you need from our manipulative lists.
  • Contact us about building a custom kit.

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