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i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics and Ready® Mathematics

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hand2Mind and Curriculum Associates are excited to announce new K-8 manipulative kits now aligned to i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics and Ready® Mathematics!


Curriculum Associates’ Manipulative Kits have been simplified to one kit with a list of A La Carte items for each grade level.

  • Each Manipulative Kit includes the most commonly used manipulatives and quantities to ensure students have what they need whether working in pairs or individually.

  • NEW Individual Student Kits are designed to meet student needs for individual use in school or at home.
  • A La Carte Items are manipulatives that may be used once in the program, may be common to many classrooms or print options are available on the toolbox.

These Grade K–8 kits will satisfy the needs of both i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and Ready Mathematics users.


Classroom Manipulative Kits

NEW Individual Student Kits

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