Bulk School Supplies & Custom Learning Kits

Purchase a classroom manipulative kit and supply all students
with hands-on learning resources.

Whether you have a class of 24 or 30, we have manipulative kits to enhance your students' learning!


Hands-on learning is essential for early childhood development and building a happy classroom. Our bulk school supply kits contain engaging resources to promote interactive learning for children at all developmental stages. Build a supplemental hands-on math curriculum with Bulk Math Manipulatives to improve math fluency skill or simply stick to the basics with bulk school supplies for better remote learning. The ability to customize school supplies allows teachers to build a curriculum based on the unique needs of their students.


Choose from our selection of ready-made, prepackaged school supply kits or create custom solutions that align to your curriculum and standards while reducing costs, eliminating waste, and meeting your deadlines.

hand2mind custom wholesale school supply kit with interactive and hands-on learning resources.hand2mind custom wholesale school supply kit with interactive and hands-on learning resources.

Publisher-Aligned Kits

Whether you teach math or science, our partner publishers and hand2mind have compiled the tools your students need to experience the joy of hands-on learning in convenient storage kits.

Custom Solutions

When designing a custom solution, we help you choose exactly what you need to support your educational goals. We handle all the details and get the kits to you on time and in budget​ so you and your staff can focus on your students.