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Ten-Frame Dominoes

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Item IN86150 | Grades K-3
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Extend the impact of Ten-Frames with our special Ten-Frame plastic dominoes. Dominoes measure 1 5/8" x 2 1/4". Play one of our recommended games or make up your own way to use these versatile dominoes!


  • 30 Dominoes

Product Perks

Game 1: Dominoes (2–4 Players)

Students mix all the dominoes face down in a pile. Each student picks 4 dominoes. The student with the highest number places that domino face up on the table. If the student on the first player’s left has a domino with a matching number, he or she places it next to the appropriate side of the domino. If that student does not have a matching domino, the student picks a domino from the pile and ends his or her turn. The winner is the first player to play all of their dominoes.

Game 2: Domino War (2 Players)

Mix the dominoes face down in a pile. Each student picks 15 dominoes. Each student flips over 1 domino. The player with the largest number wins. Set the pair aside. The winner is the player with the most pairs when all dominoes have been played. For a longer game, return the dominoes to the player who wins each hand. The winner is the player who collects all of the dominoes.

Area of Focus: Math
SubjectCounting and Sorting(Math)
Product TypeGames (Math), Manipulatives (Math)
Item #IN86150

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