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STEM in Action® Project Park Design

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Item IN86416 | Grades 1-2
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Students explore patterns of the Earth and the Sun to determine when and where shadows cover the park. Then, they design a park plan with warm, sunny benches. By using critical thinking, communication, and collaboration to create a park model, students prepare for essential skills of the 21st century. Students work through the Engineering Design Process – to learn the value of rethinking and supporting multiple solutions.

STEM in Action® modules are the easy-to-implement PreK-5 solution for integrating science, math, literacy, and engineering skills into real-world problems. These modules focus on the Engineering Design Practice which is a critical component of NGSS, state standards, and national initiatives. The materials are teacher friendly and all come in a durable, easy-to-store, plastic tote.

STEM in Action is endorsed as Accomplished in the national STEMworks database.


  • 6 Project Park Design Student Activity Book
  • 1 Project Park Design Teacher Guide
  • 3 Shadow Viewers
  • 12 Rotation Cards
  • 300 Snap Cubes
  • 10 Open Number Lines
  • 3 Games/Posters
  • 4 Sets of Sidewalk Chalk
  • 100 Paper Clips
  • 20 Tape Measure
  • 12 Foam Globes
  • 8 sets of Chop Sticks
  • 6 LED Lights
  • 18 AAA alkaline batteries

* Refills available. Contact Customer Service or your Educational Consultant

Area of Focus: Science
SubjectEarth Science(Science)
Product TypeEarth Science(Science)
Item #IN86416

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