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Safety Essentials Kit with Adult-Size Mask

Stay Safe & Healthy Anywhere
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Stay Safe & Healthy Anywhere. Keep our Safety Essentials Kits in a car, in a desk, in a backpack, or anywhere to stay clean and safe no matter where you are. Each kit includes 5 masks, 10 alcohol-free wipes, and a 2-oz. bottle of hand sanitizer in a resealable pouch for quick, easy access.

  • Safeguard yourself and your children
  • Encourage good hygiene

What’s Included:

  • 5 masks
  • 10 alcohol-free wipes
  • 2-oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
*This product is not a toy. Use under Adult Supervision. This product does not prevent infection or the transmission of disease. The application of hand sanitizer by children under 6 should be supervised by an adult.
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