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Rekenrek 100-Bead Wood, Class Set of 25 with Demo Frame

Strengthen counting proficiency with 100-Bead Rekenrek frame

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Item IN86233 | Grades K-4
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Rekenreks are ideal for building number sense because they provide students with a concrete, physical object to help develop and deepen their understanding of numbers. Students build a strong sense of 5 and 10, learning about the relationships among numbers and operations along the way. This 100-bead version has ten rows of ten beads each; five red beads and five white beads. This allows students to explore problems involving larger numbers.


  • Subitizing: Color coded beads help students identify numbers without counting.
  • Numbers to One Hundred: Color coded beads change half way to represent half way to one hundred or 50 beads.
  • Composing & Decomposing Numbers: Make and break values to five and ten.
  • Addition & Subtraction Strategies: Doubles strategies, near five, near ten, counting on.


Rekenrek 100-Bead Student Frame

Rekenrek 100-Bead Student Frame - 25 wooden student frames are included. These high-quality wooden frames are the perfect size for individual student practice. Each measures 13" x 10" x 2-1/2".
Rekenrek 100-Bead Demo Frame

Rekenrek 100-Bead Demonstration Frame - Students will easily follow along when using this large demonstration Rekenrek. Measures 20-1/2"x 15-3/4" x 5".
Rekenrek Virtual Manipulative

Rekenrek Virtual Manipulative - Perfect for connecting concrete and visual representation through this digital version. 1-year classroom license is for 1 teacher and up to 30 students. Works on any device.


  • 25 Student 100-bead rekenrek frames
  • 1 Teacher Demonstration frame
  • FREE 12-month Virtual Manipulative

Area of Focus: Math
SubjectBulk Manipulative Kits(Math)
Product TypeManipulatives (Math), Sets, Kits & Centers (Math), Bulk Manipulative Kits (Math)
Item #IN86233
Availability:Usually Ships In 2 Weeks

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