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Math Tasks Base Ten Blocks Book, Grades K-2

Challenge students and maximize the use of Base Ten Blocks with our Math Tasks Base Ten Blocks Teacher Guide!

Challenge students and maximize the use of Base Ten Blocks with our Math Tasks Base Ten Blocks Teacher Guide! All 18 lessons incorporate Base Ten Blocks into math activities in meaningful ways that help students grasp concepts with greater ease and apply this conceptual understanding to real-world tasks and challenges. Lessons teach perseverance that will benefit K-2 students in solving other math problems using other manipulatives and connect to the core of mathematics learning that is important to every K–6 student.


  • 18 Teacher guide activities that model concrete representations of abstract mathematical concepts
  • Teacher support that provides in-depth discussions of mathematical content and critical thinking
  • Easy-to-use resources that offer classroom–tested lesson plans targeting the big ideas of math


Each Lesson includes:
  • What You Will Need - Contains a list of materials needed. Blackline masters are included on this list.
  • Overview - Overview of what children will be doing and why.
  • The Big Idea - Teachers gain insight into the underlying mathematics of the activity, and discover some of the strategies children are apt to use as they work. Solutions are also given— when such are necessary and/or helpful. Because The Big Idea provides a view of what may happen in the lesson as well as the mathematical potential that underlies and may grow out of it, users are encouraged to read this before presenting the activity to children.
  • Tent Card - Each activity is available as a Tent Card to help manage group work.
  • Introduction - Introduction presents a possible scenario for introducing the children to the activity.
  • Math Talk - Prompts that are intended to promote discussion are provided.
  • On Their Own - Suggestions and hints on meeting students' needs.
  • Extensions - Extensions takes the essence of the main activity and either alter or extend its parameters.
  • On Their Own (Student) - Rich problems stimulate many different problem-solving approaches and lead to a variety of solutions. These explorations bring children to new mathmatical ideas and deepen skills. Use the tent cards to make the directions accessible for small groups or project using a document camera.

What’s Included:

  • Teacher resource book
Grade Level K, 1, 2
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