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K, 1, 2

Magnetic Ten-Frame Boards, Set of 4

Help students develop an early number sense
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Give your students a visual model to help reinforce counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, subitizing, base-ten, place value, number patterns, operations and more. Offers hands-on engagement as students place magnetic counters on boards, then raise boards to show their answers. Features double-sided magnetic, write and wipe boards offering a single ten-frame on one side and double ten-frame on the other. Boards measure 7" x 6 1/4".


  • Reinforce math concepts
  • Enhance hands-on learning
  • Build subitizing skills, which allow us to see a grouping of numbers and automatically know the amount without having to count
  • Teach odds and evens with the two-color magnets
  • Demonstrate with visual representations
  • Make learning easier, more playful, and more engaging
  • Write and wipe magnetic boards
  • Double-sided board (single ten-frame on one side double ten-frame on the other)


What’s Included:

  • 4 magnetic double-sided answer boards
  • 100 two-color magnetic foam countersd (red and yellow)
  • Activity guide
Grade Level K, 1, 2
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