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Lessons for Algebraic Thinking, Grades 3-5

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Once thought of as a topic taught only in high school, algebra is now one of the top priorities in elementary and middle school. This book helps teachers meet the challenge of making algebra an integral part of mathematics instruction by building on the connections between algebra, number sense, and geometry. Topics covered in the classroom-tested lessons include patterns, functions, variables, and coordinate graphs. To guide teachers, each chapter has an overview with a brief description and the objectives of the lesson, background on the mathematics used, vocabulary and prerequisite skills essential to the activities, materials required, and samples of student work.

By Maryann Wickett, Katherine Kharas, and Marilyn Burns. These lessons actively engage students in creating, recognizing, and extending patterns; present patterns with tables, variables, and graphs; and introduce students to solving equations and plotting points. 336 pages.

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