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Jumbo Cuisenaire ® Rods Intro Set, Set of 56

Large, colorful Cuisenaire Rods for classroom demonstration

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Jumbo Cuisenaire Rods help students relate abstract ideas about numbers and shapes to something students can see and touch. They make mathematical ideas easier to internalize and frequently allow students to understand and solve problems they might not otherwise be able to solve.

Engage students with easy-to-handle oversized Cuisenaire Rods! A perfect set for demonstration or hands-on application.


  • Great for exploring whole numbers, fractions, measurement, ratio, area, perimeter, symmetry, congruence, three-dimensional geometry, patterns, and functions.
  • Cuisenaire Rods come in 10 colors — white, red, green, purple, yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue, and orange
  • Each color and rod corresponding to a specific length from 2 centimeter to 20 centimeters: orange-20 cm, blue-18 cm, brown-16 cm, black-14 cm, dark green-12 cm, yellow-10 cm, purple-8 cm, green-6 cm, red-4 cm, white-2 cm


Counting - Add a small quantity to a large quantity.

Addition and Subtraction - Introduce students to addition and subtraction through additive reasoning.

Multiplication and Division - Explore multiplication and division through multiplicative reasoning.

Fractions - Understand and explore equivalent fractions, compare fractions, common denominator, and add/subtract fractions.

Geometry and Measurement - Explore spatial relationships by making flat designs or by stacking them to make three-dimensional designs.

Learning About... Cuisenaire Rods

What’s Included:

  • 56 Plastic Jumbo Cuisenaire Rods
Grade Level PreK, K, 1
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