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Hands-On Standards® Math Small-Group Grade 7

Complete the Hands-On Standards, Common Core solution with this 7th grade manipulative kit

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Item IN79867 | Grade 7
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Manipulative kits are designed for teachers to have a ready-to-go solution that provides each small group with their own toolkit to encourage students to select the appropriate tools and allow teachers to simplify their management of the materials.


  • Provides enough manipulatives for 4 students to work cooperatively
  • Kits are packed in sturdy plastic totes to create organized, small-group centers


  • 100 Pattern Blocks, ManipuLite®
  • 200 Color Tiles, ManipuLite
  • 50 Two-Color Counters, ManipuLite
  • Set of 4-color spinners
  • Set of color-number spinners
  • 2 XY Coordinate Pegboards
  • Set of Rainbow Fraction® Circle Rings
  • 200 Centimeter Cubes
  • Set of Algeblocks® units
  • 2 Sets of Algeblocks X-rods
  • Set of Algeblocks X² flats
  • Set of Algeblocks Y-rods
  • Set of Algeblocks Y² flats
  • Set of Algeblocks XY-flats
  • 2 Algeblocks tracks
  • 2 Sets of polyhedral dice
  • Set of AngLegs®
  • Set of Deluxe Rainbow Fraction® Circles
  • Set of Deluxe Rainbow Fraction® Squares
  • Set of Relational GeoSolids®

BrandHands-On Standards® Math
Area of Focus: Math
SubjectSets, Kits, and Centers(Math)
Product TypeSets, Kits, and Centers(Math)
Item #IN79867

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