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Hands-On Standards®, Number & Operations, Grade 1, Teacher Resource Guide

Step-by-step instructions guide teachers through hands-on, engaging lessons

Hands-On Standards Number & Operations Grade 1 Teacher Resource Guide builds fluency with whole numbers and decimals by developing conceptual understanding through targeted, hands-on instruction. Includes 21 lessons focusing on Solving Add-To and Take-From Word Problems, Using Making 10 or Decomposing 10 as a Strategy, Exploring Place Value and Teen Numbers, Finding 10 more or 10 Less, and much more. Each hands-on, standards-focused lesson uses one or more of the following most common manipulatives: Base Ten Blocks, Color Tiles, 1” CounTEN® Sorting Trays, Frog Counters, Rekenreks, Snap Cubes®, and Two-Color Counters.

Hands-On Standards Number & Operations Grade 1 Teacher Resource Guide uses engaging hands-on activities to build number sense and algebraic reasoning. Differentiated teacher tips and games help students discover key number concepts through hands-on exploration. Each standards-based lesson targets clearly stated objectives and prepares students to understand and strategically apply vital foundational concepts.


  • Understanding Addition and Subtraction
  • Using Strategies to Add and Subtract Within 20
  • Counting, Comparing, and Place Value
  • Adding and Subtracting Beyond 20

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  • 1 Hands-On Standards Number & Operations Teacher Resource Guide Grade 1 with 21 lessons
Grade Level 1
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