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Hands-On Standards® Math Teacher Resource Guide Grade 1

Lesson built for 1st grade rigorous math standards

Hands-On Standards Math Grade 1 Teacher Resource Guide is the perfect supplement for your core curriculum with targeted, hands-on instruction. Includes 31 lessons focusing on Fact Families, Exploring Place Value, Time to the Half-Hour, Building Shapes, and much more. Each hands-on, standards-focused lesson uses one or more of the following most common manipulatives: Base Ten Blocks, Color Tiles, Cuisenaire® Rods, DecaDots®, Geared Clocks, Graphing Mats, Pattern Blocks, Snap Cubes®, Tangrams, and Two-Color Counters.

Hands-On Standards Math Grade 1 Teacher Resource Guide integrates mathematical practice and content standards for all domains into engaging hands-on activities. Reproducible student pages help students build understanding of math concepts. Full-color photographs walk you through implementing each lesson. Easy-to-follow lesson plans include ideas to help you differentiate instruction.


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Represent and solve addition and subtraction
  • Apply properties of operations and work with addition and subtraction equations
  • Add and subtract within 20

Number and Operations in Base Ten

  • Understanding place value
  • Use place value and properties to add and subtract

Measurement and Data

  • Measure lengths by iteration
  • Tell and write time
  • Represent and interpret data


  • Compose shapes
  • Partition circles and rectangles

What’s Included:

  • 1 Hands-On Standards Math Teacher Resource Guide Grade 1 with 31 lessons
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