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Hands-On Standards®, Common Core Fractions Teacher's Resource Guide, Grade 5

Enrich differentiated fractions instruction with this Common Core teacher guide for the 5th grade

Hands-On Standards Fractions Common Core Grade 5 Teacher Resource Guide develops students’ conceptual understanding of fractions with targeted, hands-on instruction. Includes 15 lessons focusing on Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, and much more.Each hands-on, standards-focused lesson uses one or more of the following most common manipulatives: Color Tiles, Deluxe Rainbow Fraction® Circles, Deluxe Rainbow Fraction® Squares, Fraction Dice, Fraction SAFE-T® Rulers, Fraction Tower® Equivalency Cubes, and Fraction Number Lines.

Hands-On Standards Fractions Common Core Grade 5 Teacher Resource Guide uses engaging hands-on activities to build fluency with fractions. Common Core standards-based lessons include warm-up activities, foundational skill practice, guided and independent practice, remediation, and enrichment opportunities. Differentiation options outline vocabulary use and support, making them perfect for ELL learners.


Add and Subtract Fractions

  • Add and subtract unlike fractions
  • Add and subtract mixed numbers

Multiply and Divide Fractions

  • Fractions as division
  • Fraction tower times
  • Fraction multiplication
  • Division with unit fractions


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What’s Included:

  • Teacher Resource Guide
Grade Level 5
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