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Hands-On Standards® Math Intervention: Number & Operations, Grade K

Hands-on math lessons target concepts that require additional support

Hands-On Standards Intervention is an easy-to-use reference manual for teachers who want to help students discover the meaning in mathematics. Each of the manual’s 20 lessons demonstrates a hands-on exploration using manipulatives. The goal is to help students get physical sense of a problem–to help students get their hands on the concepts they need to know and to help them “see” the meaning in mathematics.

Product Perks
  • Teacher Guide includes 20 lesson plans with EL support.
  • Each lesson includes reproducible, student-facing activity page to extend the learning after the intervention lesson.
  • Progress monitoring tool and assessments allow teachers to track each student’s progress.
  • English Language support provided for each lesson

This book is divided into four sections– Numbers to 5 (5 lessons), Numbers to 20 and Beyond (9 lessons), Comparing Numbers (3 lessons), and Adding and Subtracting (3 lessons).

Each lesson uses one or more of the following manipulatives. Small Group and Classroom Manipulative Kits are available (sold separately).

  • CounTEN® Sorting Tray
  • Frog Counters
  • Number Path
  • Rekenrek
  • RekenRods™
  • Two-Color Counters
  • UniLink® Cubes

What’s Included:

  • 1 book
Grade Level K
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