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Hands-On Standards® Daily Problem Solving, Grade K

Help students reason through and solve word problems

Hands-on Standards Daily Problem Solving is a supplemental resource that provides 180 days worth of problem-solving routines. These routines can be done in as little as 10-15 minutes a day to enhance your current curriculum, reinforce current skills, or review previously learned concepts. It works as a warm-up or a way to differentiate whole or small group instruction. There are five types of problems that use hands-on materials to teach a particular skill or concept and encourage students to become true problem solvers.

Five Types of Problems
Video Problems: Students watch a short video before solving the problem. This provides opportunities for students to notice and wonder about mathematics.

Multi-Solution Problems: Students are provided a problem that has more that one correct solution. Students develop critical thinking skills and work on making sense of problems before solving.

Numberless Problem: Students are provided a problem that starts without numbers. They are able to focus their attention on understanding before solving.

Single Solution Problem: Students are provided with a problem that has all the information needed to solve it and has only one correct solution. This gives practice understanding problems when all the information is provided from the start.

Create a Problem: Students are provided with a visual to use to create a word problem. They are encouraged to look closely at features of problems, which provides a sense of ownership to a task.

Product Perks
  • Videos reduce the literacy demand on students.
  • Focus is on helping students better understand the context of word problems.
  • All problems recommend the usage of a manipulative for a completely hands-on experience.

Strands Covered
  • Number and Operations
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Data

What’s Included:

  • 180 Teacher Problem Solving Cards with instructional support
  • 36 Problem Solving Student Activity Pages
  • 36 Video Problems
  • 144 Digital Word Problems
Grade Level K
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