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20-Bead Wooden Learn with Rekenreks Small Group Kit

Three 20-Bead Rekenreks and a Teacher Resource Guide for Use with Small Groups
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Using the Rekenrek, children begin to develop conceptual understanding, and the emphasis is changed from learning computational procedures to developing conceptual understanding. Children begin to think strategically, allowing them to master the mathematics.

The lessons in this book follow the 5 E lesson format:

  • Engage: Students make connections between past and present learning experiences.
  • Explore: Students manipulate materials to develop concepts, processes, and skills. They hypothesize and predict, and even build models.
  • (Explore and) Explain: Students work collaboratively verbalizing their discoveries. They seek new perspectives and demonstrate new concepts.
  • (Explain and) Elaborate: Students clarify their understanding and gain deeper, broader understanding of the concept.
  • Evaluate: Students assess their understanding of key concepts and skill development.
  • What’s Included:

    • Set of 3 Wooden 20-Bead Student Rekenreks
    • Learn with Rekenreks Teacher Resource Book
    Grade Level K, 1, 2
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