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Counting and Cardinality



Lesson 1: Counting On

Lesson 2: Groups of 0 to 5

Lesson 3: Number Shapes

Lesson 4: Counting to 5 and Back

Lesson 5: Groups of 6 to 10

Lesson 6: Estimate and Count

Lesson 7: Arranging Sets of Objects

Lesson 8: Representing Numbers with Objects

Lesson 9: Comparing Groups

Lesson 10: Equal Groups

Lesson 11: More and Fewer

Lesson 12: More Than, Less Than, Same As

Lesson 13: Order of Numbers

Operations and Algebraic Thinking



Lesson 1: Joining Problems

Lesson 2: Using the Plus Sign

Lesson 3: Separating Problems

Lesson 4: Using the Minus Sign

Lesson 5: Addition: Sums to 10

Lesson 6: Subtraction: Differences from 10

Lesson 7: Part-Part-Whole

Lesson 8: Decomposing Numbers

Lesson 9: Make 10

Number and Operations in Base Ten



Lesson 1: Compose Numbers 11-19

Lesson 2: Decompose Numbers 11-19

Measurement and Data



Lesson 1: Nonstandard Measurement of Height

Lesson 2: Sorting by Height

Lesson 3: Sorting by Length

Lesson 4: Estimating and Measuring Length

Lesson 5: Sort by One Attribute

Lesson 6: Sort by Two Attributes

Lesson 7: Determine the Sorting Rule




Lesson 1: Left and Right

Lesson 2: Top, Middle, and Bottom

Lesson 3: Positions in a Line

Lesson 4: Relative Locations

Lesson 5: Inside and Outside

Lesson 6: Before and After

Lesson 7: Plane Shapes and Real-Life Objects

Lesson 8: Geometric Pictures and Designs

Lesson 9: Attributes of Plane Shapes

Lesson 10: Cubes and Spheres

Lesson 11: Exploring Shape Attributes

Lesson 12: Shape Attributes Riddles