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Grade 7

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Ratios and Proportional Relationships



Lesson 1: Proportional Relationships I

Lesson 2: Proportional Relationships II

Lesson 3: Constant of Proportionality

Lesson 4: Equations of Proportional Relationships

The Number System



Lesson 1: Add Integers I

Lesson 2: Add Integers II

Lesson 3: Subtract Integers I

Lesson 4: Subtract Integers II

Lesson 5: Multiply Integers I

Lesson 6: Multiply Integers II

Lesson 7: Divide Integers I

Lesson 8: Divide Integers II

Expressions and Equations



Lesson 1: Mixed Numbers, Decimals, and Percents Greater than 100%

Lesson 2: Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

Lesson 3: Fraction, Decimal, and Percentage Combinations that Equal 1

Lesson 4: Solving Linear Equations

Lesson 5: Problem Solving: Two-Step Linear Equations




Lesson 1: Scale Factor

Lesson 2: Construct Triangles

Lesson 3: Circumference of a Circle and Pi

Lesson 4: Area of a Circle

Lesson 5: Area of Irregular Figures

Lesson 6: Polygons: Exploring Area

Statistics and Probability



Lesson 1: Population Sampling

Lesson 2: Modeling Probability: Building Spinners<

Lesson 3: Theoretical and Experimental Probability with Spinners

Lesson 4: Modeling Probability: Relationships Between Events

Lesson 5: Probability and Fairness

Lesson 6: Finding Probability Without Replacement

Lesson 7: Theoretical and Experimental Probability with Dice

Lesson 8: Compound Events: Making an Organized List

Lesson 9: Compound Events: Making a Tree Diagram