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Grade 3

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Operations and Algebraic Thinking



Lesson 1: Multiplying with Arrays

Lesson 2: Multiplying by 5

Lesson 3: Exploring Division

Lesson 4: Meaning of Division

Lesson 5: More Division

Lesson 6: Multiplication and Division

Lesson 7: Commutative Property of Multiplication

Lesson 8: Associative Property of Addition

Lesson 9: Distributive Property


Number and Operations in Base Ten



Lesson 1: Estimating the Sum or Difference

Lesson 2: Adding and Subtracting

Lesson 3: Multiply by 10

Lesson 4: Multiplying with Multiples of 10


Number and Operations - Fractions



Lesson 1: Identify and Write Fractions

Lesson 2: Fractions on a Number Line

Lesson 3: Proper Fractions on a Number Line

Lesson 4: Model Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 5: Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line

Lesson 6: Whole Numbers as Fractions

Lesson 7: Comparing Fractions



Measurement and Data



Lesson 1: Telling Time

Lesson 2: Elapsed Time

Lesson 3: Add Intervals of Time

Lesson 4: Finding Times After

Lesson 5: Finding Times Before

Lesson 6: Measure Weight

Lesson 7: Pictographs

Lesson 8: Bar Graphs

Lesson 9: Finding Area

Lesson 10: Area of Irregular Figures

Lesson 11: Area of Squares

Lesson 12: Area of Rectangles

Lesson 13: Building Area

Lesson 14: Perimeter of Shapes

Lesson 15: Exploring Perimeter

Lesson 16: Perimeter of Shapes

Lesson 17: Building Perimeter




Lesson 1: Categorizing Shapes

Lesson 2: Partitioning Shapes

Lesson 3: Partitioning More Shapes