Enhancing Florida ClassroomsEnhancing Florida Classrooms
  • B.E.S.T. standards-aligned curriculum
  • Flexible intervention programs for Math and Literacy
  • Differentiated resources that support all students
  • Independent, collaborative, and teacher-led centers solutions 
  • Hands-on, manipulatives-based Math solutions
  • Multisensory Literacy solutions
  • Real-world activities that teach STEM principles
  • Custom solutions to address students' unique needs

Confidently teach math with manipulatives to build problem-solving skills!

Introducing the NEW Hands-On Standards® Solution

Hands-On Standards is designed to deepen understanding of key math concepts using manipulatives and scaffolded lessons to seamlessly transition from the concrete to the abstract.


• NEW Mini-Lesson Format! Embedded differentiation and EL Support.

• NEW Problem Solving Routine! A progressing series of problem types focused around key grade-level skills.

• NEW Manipulatives Added! New manipulatives like the Numberline™ Clock help students master rigorous standards

• NEW Student Pages! Student pages aligned to lessons included online. (Available in Spanish)

• NEW Intervention Lessons! 20 Targeted lessons that match the mini-lesson format and include assessment and progress monitoring tools.

Student Learning With Hand2Mind ProductStudent Learning With Hand2Mind Product

Featured Solutions for Florida

Enhance existing math curriculum and deepen students' understanding with hands-on resources that support all students at every level.

Priority One — Math Resources

Daily Math Fluency

Spanish Support Available

See B.E.S.T. Alignment

Math Fluency Intervention

Hands-On Standards

Spanish Support Available

See B.E.S.T. Alignment

Differentiated Math Centers

Spanish Support Available

Guided Math

Spanish Support Available

VersaTiles® Math

Hands-On Standards® Learning at Home Math

Spanish Support Available

Develop a strong foundation in literacy with a wide variety of solutions that are easy-to-implement in the classroom and meet the needs of students at all levels.

Priority One — Literacy Resources

VersaTiles® Literacy

Differentiated Literacy Centers

Reading Constructiton Toolkits

Reading Rods

Learning at Home Literacy

Spanish Support Available

Close Reading Small Group Kits

Integrate STEM into your curriculum using real-world activities that teach STEM principles through hands-on discovery.

STEM in Action

Spanish Support Available

Makerspace Carts


STEM Make-It Take-It

Code & Go™ Robot Mouse

Botley® 2.0

Artie 3000

Help your students learn to label, identify, and manage their emotions.

Learn About Feelings Activity Set

See My Feelings Mirror

Mindful Maze Set

ColorMix Sensory Tubes

Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart

Let's Talk Cubes

A screen-free way for parents/guardians to stay involved with their children's education and contribute to their academic success.

Learning at Home

Spanish Support Available

VersaTiles® Math & Literacy

STEM Bins™

Phonics & Fluency


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Enhancing Florida Classrooms with Hands-on Resources that Make an Impact!

Discover Custom SolutionsDiscover Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Math ManipulativesMath Manipulatives




Efficacy and ResearchEfficacy and Research

Efficacy and Research

ELL SupportELL Support

ELL Support

Implementation Support and Product TrainingImplementation Support and Product Training

Implementation Support

Custom Solutions

Hands-on math, science, and literacy resources to address your student's unique needs.

Let us do the work!  We will:

  • Consult with you to choose the best components.
  • Source all components at the lowest possible price.
  • Provide you with a detailed quote that outlines the components, packaging, and delivery timeframe.
  • Assemble everything to your exact specifications—for individual or classroom use.
  • Ship your kits on time and on budget.

See How hand2mind Solutions Fit the Florida B.E.S.T Standards

If you have any questions about these or any other product and how they correlate to the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards

please contact your Educational Sales Consultant.  They are happy to help!

Hands-On Standards® Intervention