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I’m a big believer in using to bring the materials my students need into my classroom. I have been able to get so many different resources for my students by posting projects on Did you know that through you can easily request classroom materials from hand2mind? hand2mind is an educational resource company that makes high-quality manipulatives and learning tools. From Rekenreks to STEM and coding resources – they have it all! runs on a point system, and with 6 points you can request items from hand2mind by creating a special request project. Most teachers don't realize this, so I’m going to show you how simple it is to request resources from hand2mind.% To get started select Standard Project and then click "Let's Go."

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Now that I've showed you how easy it is to write a Donors Choose project for hand2mind resources, I want to share some simple tips and tricks to getting your project FULLY funded! I know I'm not the only teacher who has a list of resources a mile long I need for my students. It is easy to look at a catalog or website full of math manpulatives and think -- MY STUDENTS NEED IT ALL!! Been there, done that! BUT, one of my top tips to getting your Donors Choose project fully funded is to keep the project cost low. I try to keep all my projects under $400. Most of my projects for supplies and books are between $200-$300 each. A donor is much more likely to donate or fully fund a project if the total cost is a reasonable amount. How do I keep the costs low? I break my projects up! For example, my class has 15 iPads and every single one is from a fully funded Donors Choose project. I have acquired that many iPads for my students by writing mutiple projects.

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