Daily Math Fluency In My Classroom

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I'm here to share how I'm using hand2mind Daily Math Fluency in my classroom! This is a resource I wish I had when I first began teaching – it's that powerful & impactful!

Building a Number Sense Routine

We typically start our math block with a number sense routine. For much of the school year I’ve been following the progression of number strings and math talks from Daily Math Fluency. The mathematical growth I’ve seen because of these consistent math talks is amazing! My students’ mathematical language has increased and I regularly hear them use terms like “decompose” and “open number line”. What’s even more amazing is they actually know and understand what these words mean.

With the help of Daily Math Fluency, my students consistently use efficient mathematical strategies and reasoning. They're able to explain their thinking, which makes me SO happy! Having taught third grade in the past, I know the strategies they’re learning to master now will greatly help them as they progress into the upper grades.

Building Student Confidence and Community

Let’s talk about how my students feel about our math talks… They LOVE them! I frequently get asked “what is our equation today?” before we even get started. The combination of number strings and the corresponding math talks have also shown my students that our classroom is a learning community and they can learn from each other. I love seeing their faces light up when they learn a new strategy from a classmate! I even had a student write a small moment story about one of the number talks we had earlier in the year.

Does It Really Take Only 10 Minutes a Day?

We spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes of our math block on our Daily Math Fluency number sense routine. What I love is that hand2mind has thought of a purposeful progression of equations and provides guiding questions in the teacher guide. These are helpful if you’re new to math talks — or even if you’re a math talk pro!

Involving Parents

I cannot be the only teacher who is trying to teach parents new math strategies, too, right?! Math has changed so much….and for the better! I share these math talks with my students’ parents via the Seesaw App. I just snap a quick picture and tell the students that I’m going to upload it for their parents to see. This allows the mathematical conversation we had in class to continue at home. At parent teacher conferences, I shared a book of our math talks. I had families excited about the new strategies they see their children using!

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Click here to access a post on how to request hand2mind resources for your classroom through DonorsChoose.org!

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*This blog post was written as a collaboration with hand2mind. All opinions posted are my own.

Chloe from A Buckeye Teacher

Hi! I am Chloe, a 2nd grade teacher going into my 6th year of teaching. All my years as an educator have been spent in either 2nd or 3rd grade. I love teaching with pictures books and incorporating STEM and coding into lessons! I believe students learn best when they ahve the tools they need to succeed! I am passionate about writing grants that allow me to bring the best resources into my classroom. I love helping other educators learn how to do the same!