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Hands-On Standards®

Step-by-step lesson plans

target key concepts

Target challenging math standards with photo-illustrated lesson plans

Hands-On Standards focuses on the most challenging topics for students and uses manipulatives to help deepen their understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step, photo-illustrated guides reinforce teachers’ content knowledge for ease of implementation in the classroom, enabling them to differentiate instruction in intervention, small group, and whole class situations.

  • Lesson plans provide a simplified walk-through for teaching and reinforcing challenging math standards.
  • Supplements your math curriculum with targeted lessons organized by specific standards.
  • Enables students to build conceptual understanding through concrete, representational, and abstract progression.
hands on standards

How it Works

select lesson

Select Lesson

Select lesson based on objectives, standards, or student needs.

set the stage

Set the Stage

Set the stage using discussion prompts to explore previously learned concepts while building vocabulary.

engage students

Engage Students

Engage students with problem solving through hands-on, concept-based lessons.

reinforce concepts

Reinforce Concepts

Reinforce concepts with follow-up skill-practice.

Components & Configurations

teacher guides

Teacher Guides

Hands-on activities that use manipulatives to drive genuine understanding of challenging mathematics concepts.

small group kits

Small Group Kits

Available for each Hands-On Standards Teacher Guide (sold separately) with enough material for 4 students.

classroom kits

Classroom Kits

Kit includes a Teacher Guide as well as enough hands-on manipulatives for up to 24 students.

Hands-On Standards Includes

Hands-On Standards Math

Integrate math practice with standards-aligned, hands-on lesson plans.

  • 27 to 43 lesson plans target clearly stated objectives for all domains and are aligned to state standards.
  • Manipulative-based lesson plans with deep content focus on skill development.
  • Photo-illustrated lesson plans make it easy to identify points of discussion, ideas for more exploration, and formative assessment items.
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Hands-On Standards Number and Operations

Build number sense and conceptual understanding with hands-on lesson plans.

  • 12 to 18 lesson plans engage students in hands-on learning aligned to standards.
  • Differentiated teacher tips and games reinforce number sense and algebraic reasoning.
  • Focus on counting and cardinality, number and operations in base ten, and operations and algebraic thinking.
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Hands-On Standards Fractions

Develop conceptual understanding of fractions with hands-on lesson plans.

  • 12 to 18 lesson plans engage students in hands-on learning that is aligned to standards.
  • Differentiated lesson plans that outline vocabulary use and support-perfect for ELL learners.
  • Warm-up activities, foundational skills practice, guided practice, independent practice, remediation, and enrichment opportunities.
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