Meet Our Family of Branded Solutions

Trusted names in hands-on learning

When we introduced VersaTiles® more than 30 years ago, we knew the power of hands-on learning was real. With an activity, answer case, and tiles in hand, students began engaging with their lessons. They practiced their skills, checked their own work, and increased their proficiency by over 40%.

Today, we're proud to have an entire family of branded solutions that help students unlock their potential for learning.

Each of our unique products provides the framework for a hands-on experience, featuring a full complement of instructions, resources, and on-going support.

Our products are:

  • Rigorous and correlated to national standards and state standards
  • Teacher-friendly and designed for easy implementation in the classroom
  • Tested and proven, in subjects from math to literacy, for students in preschool through high school

Explore our series of branded solutions and learn how they can inspire your students and add to your own professional development.

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