Connect Concrete and Digital with Virtual Manipulatives

Bring abstract math concepts to life with virtual manipulatives from Brainingcamp. Easy online access delivers powerful learning at home or school.

  • Includes virtual versions of 16 of the most-popular math manipulatives that match your hand2mind favorites
  • Meets the needs of teachers and administrators with flexible configurations and affordable pricing for 12-month subscriptions
  • Easy-to-use, built-in mats such as ten-frames, number lines, place value charts, and graphs

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Each paid configuration includes a 1-year subscription to 16 virtual manipulatives


For a teacher to present and for all students to use at school or home

  • 1 Teacher
  • Up to 30 Students


For all teachers to present and for all students to use at school or home

  • Up to 100 Teachers
  • Up to 3,000 Students

Free Trial

60-day trial includes 1 teacher license with no limitations

  • 1 Teachers
  • 0 Students

During your subscription you will receive automatic updates and improvements as well as new manipulatives as they are implemented. Custom bundles available.

Access all 16 virtual math manipulatives with one log-in

Algebra Tiles


  • Zero pairs
  • Unit x, x2, x3, y, y2, and xy tiles
  • Scalable variables
  • Equations mat
  • Factors mat
  • Set rows
  • Easily invert or rotate tiles
  • Display or hide counts

Base Ten


  • Combine and break apart
  • Place value mat
  • Differentiated place value colors
  • Ones tens hundreds and thousands
  • Decimals support
  • Choose number of place values
  • Addition and subtraction mats

Color Tiles


  • Ten Frames
  • Arrays
  • Grid mat
  • Graph mat
  • Number line
  • Snap alignment



Cuisenaire® Rods


  • Grid (with snapping)
  • Number line (with snapping)
  • Whole number labels
  • Decimal labels
  • Fraction labels
  • Set which rod represents “whole”
  • Special custom-length rod
  • Easily rotate rods

Fraction Circles


  • Snap alignment
  • Easy rotate
  • Fraction/decimal/percent labels
  • Set global or specific label format
  • Fraction rings
  • Ring labels
  • Transparency (to see overlap)

Fraction Tiles


  • Snap alignment
  • Fraction/decimal/percent labels
  • Change label format
  • Fraction wall
  • Double number line
  • Color-coded number line
  • Fractional number line
  • Transparency





  • Multi-colored bands
  • Easily stretch and reshape bands
  • Add and delete vertices
  • Turn fills on or off
  • Simple or expanded grids
  • Square or circular grid types
  • Copy shapes

Linking Cubes


  • Ten different colors
  • Five frames
  • Tens frames
  • Number line
  • Place value mat
  • Graph mat
  • Snap connectivity
  • Move break or copy stacks

Pattern Blocks


  • Snap to grid and other shapes
  • Easy rotation
  • Horizontal and vertical flips
  • Triangular grid mat
  • Fraction mode
  • Convenient copy



Place Value Disks


  • Whole numbers from 1 to 1,000,000
  • Decimals to 0.001
  • Combine and break apart
  • Place value mat
  • Subtraction mat
  • Display or hide counts




  • Custom rows (1, 2, or 10)
  • Custom beads per row (10 or 20)
  • Blocker (to hide beads)
  • Number line grid
  • Option to dim unrepresented beads
  • White or blue background


Two Color Counters


  • Integer chips
  • Ten Frames
  • Arrays
  • Animated zero pairs
  • Part-part-whole mat
  • Auto-spacing
  • Snap alignment
  • Show or high counts

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