Tips to Close the Achievement Gap from COVID-19

Tips to Close the Achievement Gap from COVID-19

The U.S. educational system was never designed to manage extended shutdowns such as those imposed by the COVID-19 global pandemic. We understand that teachers, administrators, and parents have tried hard to maintain student learning, and hand2mind has tried equally hard to help them through this challenging time! Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and of course hands-on learning at home are two key areas that really stand out as missing from the virtual learning environment. 

Many teachers, administrators, and parents have potential concerns over closing the achievement gap, such as: 

  • Preexisting achievement disparities among different groups of students in different areas may be further extended with school shutdowns. These gaps manifest themselves in grades, test scores, dropout rates, and college acceptance rates. 


  • Technology challenges such as low-quality internet (or no internet) at students’ homes, poor audio or video, and random device issues can create a lower-quality experience for some students as well as frustration for many parents and teachers. 


  • Lower engagement from lack of interaction with other students and access to hands-on learning materials can affect some student’s development. 


  • Structure typically provided at school and within the classroom has been very difficult for parents to emulate at home since many are also trying to work from home themselves. 


  • Lack of hands-on resources can hinder students’ ability to make learning fun and reinforce concrete mathematical concepts.   

We understand these potential concerns and want to help by sharing some beneficial ideas and resources that can help close the achievement gap. 

  • School districts and parents alike love hand2mind’s free learning at home lessons, which includes bilingual, structured lessons for both math and literacy, sorted by grade-level, that include videos made by real teachers along with fun activities and answer keys for parents.   



hand2mind strives to help teachers, administrators, and parents close the achievement gap through research-based, teacher-tested, standard-aligned, hands-on learning resources! One of the most important parts of each day is warm-up. Daily warm-up helps students get their brain stimulated so they are ready to take on the learning for the day. Here is a list of daily warm-up solutions: 


  • If your students need literacy support in the classroom or at home, hand2mind has you covered with flexible and easy-to-use solutions that can help your students get back on track. 


  • While literacy and math have been the primary focus of virtual learning, time for STEM learning has diminished for many students. hand2mind has a wide range of STEM solutions including Coding, Makerspace, STEM Bins, and STEM Sets. 

hand2mind can also help you customize your learning solutions to meet your student’s unique needs at-home or in the classroom. Be sure to ask your dedicated hand2mind educational sales consultant about our custom learning solution process! 

2021 will be a critical year for many students who may need additional support to help them close the achievement gap. Whether you’re working in an in-person, a hybrid, or a remote environment, hand2mind wants to be your trusted educational partner for all your hands-on teaching and learning needs.   


Connect with us and let us know how we can help you and your teachers close the achievement gap. 

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