Fun STEM Activities and Kits to do with Dad! 

Fun STEM Activities and Kits to do with Dad! 
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Summertime is here and that means kids are on summer break. In honor of Father’s Day, we curated a list of things that kids can do with their dads, grandfathers, or any father figure in their lives. We included some fun STEM activities and games to keep kids engaged and learningThese STEM activities are so much fun, even dads will enjoy themHere’s what we have for you.  

1.  For the Adventurous: Dig & Display Fossil Kit 

Travel into history and discover prehistoric Earth. Learn fun facts about prehistoric Earth as you embark on exciting missions using real land and sea fossils. You’ll learn about the evolution of plants and animals as you uncover each fossil. After you’re done discovering the fossils, you can turn the package into a display case and then teach others what you’ve learned! 

Child playing with Dig & Display Fossil KitChild playing with Dig & Display Fossil Kit

2. For the Builders: Moving Creations with K’NEX 

Learn to apply STEM principles just like an engineer! You’ll pair K’NEX® pieces with pumps and tubes to build 9 amazing moving creations. The step-by-step illustrated guide walks you through each build, includes 18 STEM experiments that explore pneumatics and hydraulics, and “Think Bigger” challenges to deepen understanding of the scientific method. 

Moving Creations with k'nexMoving Creations with k'nex

3. For the Outdoorsy: Grow a Frog Kit 

Ribbit.. Ribbit! Witness the stages of metamorphosis as this South African water frog grows from tadpole to adult in five weeks. 

Grow a frog kitGrow a frog kit

4. For the Artsy: STEM at Play SLIME!  

Who doesn’t love slime?! Explore the science behind polymer chemistry and become an expert in all things slimy. The fact-filled lab guide is chock-full of pictures and information to provide hours of experimentation in your own home laboratory. 

Make your own slime kitMake your own slime kit

5. For the Music Lovers: DIY Music Maker Science Lab 

Explore the science of pitch, vibration, and acoustics while making a box guitar, pan flute, and ocean drum. Fun music and sound concepts come to life in the 36-page, illustrated storybook and activity guide that includes 10 STEM-based activities. 

Create your own music instrumentsCreate your own music instruments

6. For the Foodies: Candy Creations Science Lab Kit 

Learn about the world of food science. You’ll learn how to create chemical reactions and measure ingredients while making your own marshmallows, jellies, rock candy, and other tasty treats. This kit also includes basic information on different food-related STEM careers such as a food scientist or confectioner. 

Create your own candy with this science lab kitCreate your own candy with this science lab kit

7. For the Gardners: Sprout & Grow Window 

Get a worm's-eye view of root growth! You can watch roots develop and grow in the soil through the planter's large, transparent side. Step-by-step Activity Guide provides instructions, suggested activities, and journal pages to record observations while following the process from seed planting to full-grown plants. Includes packets of bean and pea seeds and potting soil. 

grow your own garden with childrengrow your own garden with children
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