Articles by Greg Brown

Articles by Greg Brown

Greg Brown is an Education Consultant, Curriculum Developer, and Teacher Coach. He began his career as an engineer at a Silicon Valley R&D center, where he led a worldwide technical training program.

Greg left industry to help start The Tech Museum, an educational resource dedicated to inspiring young innovators. As a vice president at the museum, he conceived and launched The Tech Challenge, a project-based learning program designed to engage young people who may not see a future for themselves in science or engineering. The Tech Challenge attracts thousands of students each year.

Greg continued inspiring teachers and learners as the Director of Education Initiatives at Resource Area For Teaching. His work included expanding the RAFT library of hands-on kits and lesson plans to cover virtually every topic in Common Core Math and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Recently, Greg co-wrote a middle school science curriculum which has been approved for adoption by the State of California. He also launched a series of teacher workshops on creativity and design thinking.

Throughout his career, Greg has delivered hundreds of teacher training programs at schools and non-profits, as well as state and national education conferences.

Greg holds BS and MS degrees in General Engineering and Product Design from Stanford University.