5 Tips for Prepping Math Kits for Distance Learning at Home

by Casey Stewart | Oct 16, 2020 | Teacher Tips, Math

This school year will be unlike any other. Many schools have opted for full remote learning, while some are doing a hybrid model or in-person instruction. Just recently, my district decided that students will begin the year remotely for the first nine weeks. While I’m usually decorating bulletin boards and setting up my classroom this time of year, I’m now trying to prep things to send home so that my students have all the tools they need to be successful. Math is one subject where my students will need various materials so they can have the full hands-on experience. In this post, I’ll share my 5 tips for prepping math kits for distance learning. 

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My first tip is to create a list of the materials that your students will need to make hand–to–mind math connections. Look through your curriculum and write down the most important items as well as how many of each item each student will need. 


Take inventory of the items on your list that you may already have in your classroom. You may also need to speak to your principal to see if you can send the materials home. 


If you don’t already have everything on your list, head to hand2mind.com!for the rest! You can find premade Take Home Manipulative Kits or purchase the specific materials you want in bulk and divide them among your students. Here are the items I ordered for my Kindergarten Math Kits





Once you have all your supplies, count out how many of each item you need per student. Place the items in a pencil box or large plastic bag. 


Heres what will be going home with each of my students. 


If you like, you can order small plastic bags to keep the smaller items together inside the large bag. 



It’s always nice to add a personal touch! Add a special note to your math kits by welcoming your students back to school and explaining the contents of the kit. This will mean so much to your students especially this year since they may not get to see you in person. Here’s the note that I’ll be sending in my bags. 


There you have itfive simple steps for prepping math kits for distance learning! I hope this post has inspired you to set your students up for virtual success by providing them with the tools they need to make handtomind math connections. 


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